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CE Broker - CME Tracking System

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There has been a change in the licensure renewal process that requires physicians (MDs and DOs) to track their CME credits in the Department of Health (DOH) online tracking system called CE Broker.


The Department of Health will verify each physician's continuing education credits in CE Broker at the time of renewal.  Physicians will now assume the responsibility for reporting their CME credits. This is a MANDATED process.  Everyone MUST use CE Broker.


SCMS and CE Broker have partnered to offer all members a discounted subscription.  All SCMS members can sign up for the Professional subscription for only $15!  For just a few dollars, you are provided a CME transcript and compliance notifications from CE Broker... the most important benefits of this subscription!  If you are a member and would like a Professional subscription with CE Broker, please call the Medical Society at 941.966.3134.


CE Broker’s professional help desk is staffed with Continuing Education experts and they are available M – F 8am – 5pm ET.  If you have any questions about your requirements or transcript, they’re available 24/7.



Call:  1-877-434-6323